7 Things That Made ‘Nutriseed’ Successful Online Seller!

7 Things That Made 'Nutriseed' Successful Online Seller!
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Let’s have a look at the inspiring journey of Nutriseed (founded by James Green), a thriving Shopify seller in the health foods industry. Learn how they identified a gap in the market, earned their first sales, leveraged customer loyalty, optimized their back-end operations, and built a unique brand experience.

Identifying a Growing Trend:

Recognizing the rise in healthy and vegan eating, Nutriseed saw an opportunity to excel where others fell short. Their experience in the online business world helped them understand the untapped potential in the health foods market, which showed no signs of slowing.

Winning Over Customers:

Nutriseed launched their brand on social channels, and the response was overwhelming. Positive word of mouth and exceptional customer feedback fueled their growth. The mission “Healthy is not just for the wealthy” resonated with people, creating a passionate community of “Nutri Fans.”

Personalization and Engagement:

Nutriseed goes above and beyond to make customers feel special and part of something bigger. Each Nutri Box includes a free personalized gift, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty. The brand’s unique approach has resulted in a growing army of advocates who continue to fuel their expansion.

Leveraging Tools and Apps:

Nutriseed utilizes a range of apps to enhance their operations. From email marketing with Emma to referral schemes through ReferralCandy, they leverage various tools to streamline processes and engage with customers effectively. Shopify’s blog and articles have been instrumental in guiding their app selection.

Standout Brand Experience:

Nutriseed focuses on creating an exceptional customer journey. Their product imagery, captivating copy, and informative yet engaging product descriptions deliver value and leave a lasting impression. By infusing humor and quirkiness into their communication, they connect with customers on a deeper level.

Exemplary Customer Service:

Customer service plays a vital role in Nutriseed’s success. Their team is trained to respond in the brand’s unique language, outlined in their in-house book, The Nutri Bible. They go the extra mile to ensure customers are not just satisfied but thrilled, turning them into devoted Nutri Fans.

Learning and Adapting:

Nutriseed highly recommends reading Shopify’s articles as a manual for success. The platform’s resources have provided valuable insights on app selection, customer retention, and innovative marketing ideas. Continuously learning and implementing new strategies has contributed to Nutriseed’s growth.


Nutriseed’s journey highlights the power of identifying market gaps, nurturing customer loyalty, and creating an exceptional brand experience. By leveraging Shopify’s tools, continuously adapting their strategies, and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Nutriseed has achieved remarkable success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. You can contact me if you also want to set up your online store! Thanks!

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